Criminal lawyer in court in Moscow

17 years experience in criminal cases!
He started with the investigator, worked as a security officer, in recent years the service was headed by the investigative and operational arm of the Ministry of interior know all the tricks and cunning of the investigator and the Prosecutor.


The trial is a decisive stage of criminal proceedings at the court are determined by the degree of the defendant's guilt and punishment for his crime. Competent, well-trained defense lawyer specializing in criminal cases allows to achieve the most soft or even acquittal. I am willing to provide such protection to his principal. My experience in litigation in criminal cases helps to develop the most effective line of defense. I can connect to the trial at any stage, but it is better still in the initial stages, then I will be able to prepare the client to process, to develop a line of his behavior.

I take interest principal

Required pre-study materials of the criminal case, to read the arguments of the prosecution, try to find the conflicting testimony of the witnesses, more leads, errors of Commission and execution of investigative actions, which can be interpreted in favor of the defendant. Then I develop the main and auxiliary line of defence, collect evidence, work with witnesses, if necessary, go to jail and for various investigations. I am an active defense in court, bringing to the participants in the process its position, opposing the arguments of the prosecution, saying the different nature of the petition, taps to judges or to juries if the case is considered with their participation, provide witnesses proving the innocence of the accused, etc.

What the court can achieve an experienced criminal lawyer

Today a competent skilled lawyer plays an important role in the trial, attending there as a full participant, influencing the outcome of the case. Especially clearly this influence can be seen in a jury trial, where persuasive speech lawyer often makes the jurors to disregard the prosecution case.

A lot of practice doing in court of criminal cases (especially drug trafficking, fraud, economic crime) allows me to achieve:

  • the termination of criminal cases against my clients;

  • recharacterization of their actions on "softer" article of the criminal code;

  • sentencing below the minimum for the incriminated article of the criminal code;

  • full justification of the defendant or of the sentence with a long stay of execution.

If I stand on the side of the victim, my help may be:

  • in bringing the offender to justice under the criminal code;

  • in the recovery from the guilty to the crime of compensation for the injured party's harm.

The specific abilities of my intervention in the judicial process depend upon the circumstances of a particular case. To objectively predict the development of situation is possible, only having studied the submitted consequence materials.

In addition, protecting the interests of any party I can appeal the judge made the verdict in the higher courts, including the Supreme and constitutional court, to submit in due time the arguments drawn up the appeal.

The cost of the service protect the client's interests in court in a criminal case

It is impossible to name the final cost of my services participation in the criminal process: for each case, the size will be determined by the amount of pre-training and the number of meetings held in the framework of the hearing. You can schedule a free consultation in which I will be able to calculate the price range of services.

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