The lawyer of the Moscow narcotics with the real practice of exempting defendants

Urgently go to detention!
If you are arrested with drugs or suspected of possession or sale of drugs, immediately call a lawyer! Sooner I will join the cause, the more chances to ruin the case for preliminary investigation.


When investigating serious crimes related to trafficking in or manufacturing a controlled substance, a special role is played by the professionalism of representatives of the parties. If You are involved in such offences, the prosecution in General and the gravity of the incriminated article will depend on the timely action taken. To avoid punishment or to pay a minimum price for his offense helps early active intervention of a lawyer in cases of drugs.

Remember! Immediately after the arrest is the most important for the defense and the prosecution. The police will try to obtain the maximum benefit from your nervous condition in the first hours after detention. It is important not to say anything until your lawyer! Most of the difficulties to protect creates that stress a detainee may tell a lot of things.

After the arrest, the police often resort to different tricks to get confessions: one can scare, with other trust to lead the conversation, promising that a confession will allow to avoid punishment.

Never plead guilty immediately after arrest! To plead guilty you can even in the last speech of the accused, but to prove that a confession given under duress is much more difficult.

Memo to the accused under article 228 of the

  • you can always refuse to testify or explanation op the criminal case;
  • in any case, do not plead it, what would you have promised for it;
  • get in touch with close trusted people that they got in touch with an experienced and reliable lawyer. The lawyer must immediately go to you;
  • do not sign any paper under any circumstances. In the future all the documents will be used against you;
  • don't mindlessly listen to the advice of a free lawyer, which you sent those who detained you.

When you call for help specialist immediately leaves to the detainee (in a detention facility or other place for the temporary detention of such persons). An attorney consultation is also possible via telephone or other available means of communication in the time of detection of prohibited substances or of arrest under article 228 of the criminal code or related to her. Next comes the main process is the investigation of the offence with which the representative of a suspect takes an active part. The submission of the case to the court attorney prepares materials for the proceedings and produces a line of protection (considering law enforcement practice of articles 228, 229-231 criminal code). Upon conviction, a complaint was filed in the high court (if the client is interested in it).

When to contact a lawyer on drugs?

  1. Detection you or your loved ones of illegal drugs.
  2. If you are detained by a witness during a RAID or control purchases.
  3. If you are summoned to give explanations to the police about the detention of your friends or relatives.
  4. Detention use. A lawyer is required if you are charged with related offenses (distribution, storage, etc.), as the use for personal consumption under article 228 of the criminal code misses.
  5. The removal of substances during the manufacture, transportation, storage or receipt.

Caught in such a situation? Immediately call a lawyer that specializiruetsya under article 228 of the criminal code. He will quickly assess the situation and tell you how to behave. Taking preventive measures is a way to mitigate the effects. Specialist will achieve removal of suspicions, justify either the mildest punishment provided by law: corrective labour, a fine or imprisonment for a shorter period.

Often, to lull the vigilance of law enforcement officials raise potential suspects as witnesses. Remember, very often the witness under article 228 of the rapidly moving into the category of suspects and accused persons!

Provocation and falsification in drug cases

For anybody not a secret that law enforcement has plans in cases of each category. Often, to close the plan on certain articles, the police deliberately inflate the volume of seized substances, cosipa something or podsovyvaya the results of the examination. There are times when the staff provoke the Commission of crime. An experienced attorney will be able to achieve the seizure of evidence obtained illegally and the case will collapse at the first stage.

What is the counsel on Affairs about drugs?

  1. I visit a client in prison (urgent and regular) give personal advice.
  2. Do work with the investigation.
  3. Working with the materials, develop a plan for protection.
  4. Defend the rights of the defendant at the preliminary investigation stage.
  5. Prepare and file petitions, applications and complaints to change the measure of restraint.
  6. Participate in all procedural actions. The suspect's lawyer is entitled to carry out interrogations and special studies on drug charges, to attend the investigative experiments, when confrontations and other actions that contribute to the investigation - I do not leave his client alone with the one trouble!
  7. Gather information for the court.
  8. Preparing witnesses.
  9. Protect client interests at the meetings.

How much are the services of a lawyer on drugs?

Costs depend on many factors. Thus, prices for legal assistance in Moscow is traditionally higher, although the quality differs in a better way. Specialist work will cost more the longer the process lasts, the heavier the incriminated article, the more the number of the accused. The importance measure and the initial admission of guilt.

The first consultation is always free! At the first consultation I will determine what will be able to help you. Will conduct a preliminary assessment of the case and predict the probable results.

Never give empty promises!

To schedule a free consultation under article 228 of the criminal code

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Prices for individual services

Service and stage of the caseCost, RUB
Preliminary consultation on the caseFree
Written consultationfrom 5000
Departure to the court or the investigations15 000
Legal support of a criminal drug case in a month60,000
Protection of the accused in court in a criminal case under article 228 of thefrom 30 000

Detailed price list for criminal cases

I am a lawyer Lyzhin Vladislav Mikhailovich, ready to quickly leave to protect the client! I am trying to do: revision of qualification of acts of release from detention, the lifting of unjustified accusations.

Guaranteed professional ethics and confidentiality.

Operating procedure

  1. Tell us about your problem. We will call you back, give a free consultation and discuss the details. Tell about the problem
  2. We meet or remotely conclude an agreement with an action plan.
  3. The lawyer is engaged in the work on your case: makes claims, petitions, preparing a lawsuit collects evidence in the case, represents you in court.
  4. We control the execution of court decisions.

Time is very important in criminal cases

Any delay could cost you your freedom! Do not delay a solution to the problem and immediately call a lawyer +7 903 508-13-22


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