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The criminal code allows the attorney to take actions which are aimed at protecting the interests of the client, who is accused of crime against the person.

Section 7 of the criminal code "Crimes against persons" includes 5 chapters:

  • crimes against life and health;

  • an attack on the freedom, honor and dignity;

  • sexual inviolability;

  • violation of constitutional civil rights and freedoms;

  • motherhood and childhood.

What can help a lawyer for crimes against the person?

  1. The lawyer should protect the client at the stages of inquiry, preliminary investigation, also must be present during interrogations, investigatory experiments and confrontations.

  2. Must thoroughly study the criminal case of the client.

  3. Required to draw up applications, complaints, petitions.

  4. To develop operational tactics for the protection of the ward.

  5. To gather evidence in support of the client, to materials, documents, which confirm the positive side of the accused.

  6. To carry out an appeal (appeal to court) the measures of restraint.

  7. To visit the ward in the jail (and in other places of deprivation of liberty).

  8. Protection of the suspect at all stages of judicial processes.

The lawyer, also is the link between the family and the defendant, because the lawyer can meet with clients for an unlimited time.

Who provide services of a lawyer in a criminal case?

The Constitution of the Russian Federation (article 48) provides the right of every Russian citizen to receive legal assistance from the state. Any citizen of the Russian Federation, which was in a difficult situation because of the criminal offenses has a right to counsel. It is worth noting that the motivation of a free state lawyer is not always sufficient. Many people accused of crimes against the person, prefer to hire a private criminal defense lawyer.

The law does not prohibit to choose counsel. The government provides support to state-funded counsel for free, but you can contact a private criminal lawyer.

With the free attorney, You can face several restrictions

Services offered by the state attorney is limited. A specialist for the work paying a fixed rate that he will pay regardless of the outcome of the trial. For every customer regulated and limited to a visit to a lawyer is limited to the amount of time invested in the proceedings. In this regard, the stage of preparation for trial and the stage of evidence collection can be performed poorly or even omitted.

You need to understand that the defenders, who were appointed by the state, from the beginning act in the interests of the legislature. But this does not mean that public defenders to handle, but the likelihood that the court will make a decision in your favor is quite large.

Do not start your case, contact a private lawyer

To a private attorney in criminal cases need to go immediately, because any delay works against the defendant. If the criminal case will take a highly skilled lawyer it may save a suspect from an unfair accusation, wrong qualification of the offence, a conscious "weighting" of the article for an offence against the suspect.

Services and prices in the cases against the person

The table shows the prices for individual services in the framework of criminal cases against the person. If I'm on the case completely, all the services work out much cheaper.



Cost, RUB.


Primary legal evaluation and advice



Oral advice in the course of the criminal process, additional consultation if the case is free lawyer

2 000


Written advice on cases against the person

5 000


Consultation visiting in jail or the accused

7 000


An emergency detention or investigative actions



Drafting lawyer's request



Petitions, applications, complaints, and other simple documents

4 000 - 8 000


Participation in the testing phase prior to the initiation of the criminal case

35 000


Protection on preliminary investigation, inquiry, for crimes of little and medium gravity

70 000


Protection on preliminary investigation, inquiry, for crimes of grave and especially grave

100 000


Protection in the court of first or appellate instance

50 000 - 65 000


Defense in court of the cassation or Supervisory instance

40 000


Personal lawyer (subscription service)

20 000 / month

If you have a complex business, requiring constant attention, you will be a profitable service “Personal lawyer”.

Operating procedure

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  3. The lawyer is engaged in the work on your case: makes claims, petitions, preparing a lawsuit collects evidence in the case, represents you in court.
  4. We control the execution of court decisions.


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