Real estate transactions

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Any transactions with real estate are subject to state registration, transactions of this kind should have legal support, so the presence of counsel real estate at the conclusion necessarily. Any real estate transaction involve the establishment, termination or transfer of ownership of certain objects.

Determination of the legality of the transaction

The change of ownership involves compliance with a number of legal procedures:

  • the legality of the right to property,
  • the participants in the transaction should be viable at the time of entering into the transaction;
  • determination of the form of transaction and mandatory registration,
  • a voluntary transaction on the part of all participants.

Transactions may be orally and in writing. Form real estate transactions in the oral form is considered completely legal if:

  • in the law there is no written form,
  • the transaction with committing (if not provided in another form),
  • the deal, which is a direct execution of the signed contract.

Writing involves drafting a document of a certain form, which is signed by the parties to the transaction, primarily of the copyright holder. Registration of real estate transactions is mandatory. Legal company "Moscow lawyer" under the guidance of an experienced lawyer Liina V. M. is ready to ensure the lawful conduct any real estate transactions.

The most common real estate transactions

A number of transactions done in connection with the change of ownership of the property. Such transactions include sale, purchase, exchange, inheritance, privatization. Corporatization, division of property, the construction of equity, credit and other special cases can be associated with the changes in the ownership structure. In addition there are a number of real estate transactions, when you change the ownership structure or changed their rights.

In the transaction of sale is supposed to transfer the right to possession of the property to another person, who is obliged to realise the rights of ownership to pay a specified amount. The seller has the right to:

  • on receipt of a specified amount
  • on interest, if the amount is not transferred in a timely manner,
  • to refuse a transaction if not posted payment for the property.

The buyer in that transaction, also entitled to:

  • for selling paid listings,
  • to reduce the cost, to refuse a transaction if the object does not correspond to the declared characteristics.

To the transaction of purchase and sale was recognized as a legitimate, issued a number of documents of the established sample. This is just one example of some legal technicalities when buying and selling real estate. Only qualified legal counsel real estate will help to maintain the legitimacy of the transaction and protect the rights of its members.

Do not risk in real estate transactions. Give us a call or email, consult online, order services of a qualified attorney is an absolute guarantee of your rights to receive money in the sale of real estate or of obtaining legal rights to it.

The presence of a lawyer at all stages of the transaction, the strict observance of its rule of law, preparation of documents, negotiations with the other party and the other legal services offered by our specialist. Property and finances should not be compromised.

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