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Conflicts that relate to private property, are perceived by the participants acute and are resolved with difficulty. The interpretation of the legislation is ambiguous, difficult to understand them without the appropriate education and experience in such matters. But this task the lawyer on housing issues. Narrow qualification allows professionals to solve problems with apartments and houses in the interests of the client and without distant negative consequences.

If you have a brewing housing activities, record phone the lawyer on housing Affairs: +7 903 508-13-22.

Is it possible to do without the services of a lawyer and working on housing cases by yourself?

Theoretically, Yes. However, you will need to find and study all the laws, codes and regulations, referenced explanations of the departments. An important part of success — the ability to read ambiguous language. Lawyers always analyze case-law and practice of the settlement of housing disputes. Also, they have baggage of their own experience. To resolve the conflict they issued a lot of different complaints, claims, lawsuits, etc. in compiling tailored to the particular requirements of each document. It is also important psychology. To maintain contact with the opponent and look for him the compromise through an intermediary.

If the issue is important to you and will affect your life, I don't recommend to rely on randomness, and let the matter slide. Select the lawyer on housing issues that you enjoy and schedule a consultation. Preliminary advice on housing disputes, some lawyers are free of charge. So do I. If you have no time to come for a consultation in the office, ask a question to a lawyer online.

Advice on housing online

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Counsel in housing cases

Such relationships affect property owners, transactions, actions (or inaction) of the authorized bodies and service organizations, etc. Lawyers are often faced with the following housing issues:

  • buying or selling real estate, inheritance, rent and privatization, recognition of the right of ownership;
  • the illegal actions of their neighbors;
  • legalization of alterations or additions made;
  • negligent performance of obligations on the part of management companies or TSZH (without the advice and support of lawyers to solve this housing problem fails because of the imperfection of the legislation);
  • conflicts with tenants;
  • damages after a flood, fire, poor maintenance, etc.

Access to a lawyer is permissible at any stage of the housing case. If the conflict has arisen, to settle it easier. Less effort — lower the price of services. Don't aggravate the situation and call for professional help at the very first disagreement. When it came to pre-trial settlement, the lawyer organizes and conducts telephone negotiations, exposes the claims is essentially the housing of a dispute, involved in personal meetings with the conflicting parties. If necessary, select the instance, prepared and served a statement of claim. If the process is already underway, the expert connects to it. Assistance is required at the stage of enforcement proceedings. Just put the appropriate task to a lawyer in housing disputes.

Most effective comprehensive support of the conflict from start to final settlement.

Oral conversation over the phone, or online consultation on the Internet on issues related to housing codefree
Oral legal advice in the office (the Address of a lawyer on housing issues: Moscow, m. Arbat, Vozdvizhenka, d. 7/6, C1. Free Parking)from 2000
Written consultation4000
Field legal advicefrom 6000
Drafting a statement of claim or an objection to the petitionfrom 7000
Composing queries and complaints in housing inspection14 000
Preparation of objections on appeal, cassation or Supervisory appealfrom 12 000
Attorney's requests to the state authorities, including in other citiesfrom 3000
Drafting of contracts and agreements, monitoring compliance with housing codefrom 5000
Filing of applications, complaints, objections to the complaint in courtfrom 5000
Presentation of request, letter or other documentfrom 3000
Representation of claimant in court on housing25,000
Representation of defendant in the court of first instance or appellate court20 000
Representation of plaintiff or defendant in the court of cassation or Supervisory instance20 000
Support of transactions with real estate and other residential facilities15 000
Personal lawyer - housing and other legal problems15,000 / month

Price list for services on housing issues

How does the lawyer on housing Affairs?

  1. Advises the client (the terms of cooperation, possible services, prices, details of the contract).
  2. Examines in detail the situation and documents (who are the participants, what are their claims, positions and arguments).
  3. Is the settlement plan. The main goal of the lawyer to repay a housing dispute and prevent further sprawl.
  4. Contact with parties to the conflict in an attempt to find a compromise or to force them to abandon claims.
  5. Gathering evidence for the court, defines the line of defense, prepares the claim and submits it to the court involved in the proceedings.
  6. Represents the interests of the principal at the meetings.
  7. Appealing losing decisions.
  8. Assists in the enforcement proceedings.

Where to find competent housing lawyer

In Moscow, many specialists of the profile, but not everyone will help in solving the problem. Important education, years of practice in the field of real estate, positive statistics PA won cases, recognition of colleagues and customers. All of this is from housing advocate Lygina Vladislav Mikhailovich: diploma of the law school, certificates and commendations, 85 % wins in court, work on the profile since 1999.

Possible consultation by phone or on the website, meetings in the office or on neutral territory. Visit the "Cost" indicates how much a check out to the addresses in Moscow, within and outside the Moscow ring road. As a lawyer, turn to me with housing problems of any complexity and neglect. Respond to treatment promptly, providing integrated support.

Operating procedure

  1. Tell us about your problem. We will call you back, give a free consultation and discuss the details. Tell about the problem
  2. We meet or remotely conclude an agreement with an action plan.
  3. The lawyer is engaged in the work on your case: makes claims, petitions, preparing a lawsuit collects evidence in the case, represents you in court.
  4. We control the execution of court decisions.


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