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Registration of inheritance is a complex and lengthy procedure. To implement legal advice on inheritance is a relevant and useful service. Only an experienced specialist will help correctly and competently to solve the problem, to avoid unexpected and unpleasant surprises.

Legal advice inheritance

Our company offers extensive range of services. We provide the following assistance:

  • the establishment of the fact of family relations and the inheritance;
  • the improper recognition of the will or of the certificate;
  • the recognition of property rights in the inheritance procedure;
  • the establishment of the fact of ownership of immovable property;
  • the restoration of the term for acceptance of inheritance;
  • establishing the reliability of legal documents;
  • support of clients in court proceedings.

Lawyer inheritance disputes in Moscow will help to prepare the necessary documents for the successful conduct of the procedure. He fully examine the presented papers to determine the accuracy and compliance with the Russian legislation. If necessary, provide assistance and will refer the petition to the relevant authorities about getting the additional missing securities.

Assistance in inheritance disputes

Lawyer probate will accompany the clients during all stages. Guaranteed his constant presence in the notarial organizations, judicial authorities until the final completion of the case. It quickly and efficiently resolve any unpleasant and controversial situation. In the absence of the essential employee the company invites third-party experts for prompt resolution of issues.

Lawyers competently and expertly resolve any inheritance disputes. They will provide free professional advice, prepare the required documents. Arrange the procedure in such a way to avoid red tape and litigation. Illegal arguments will help candidates to verify the absence of any opportunity to contest the right of inheritance. Experts will try to solve even the most difficult question thoroughly and without violations of the law.

Best deals on a lawyer for probate

The cost of legal procedures is set within reasonable limits. Flexible pricing policy ensures the availability of our assistance to a wider audience of customers. In each case an individual approach is applied to determining costs and final payment for the work done.

The cost of a lawyer for probate

Oral conversation over the phone, or online consultation onlinefree
Oral advicefrom not less than 2 000 rubles.
Written consultationfrom not less than 4 000.
Consultation visitingfrom at least 6 000.
Drafting a statement of claim or an objection to the petitionfrom not less than 7 000 rubles.
Preparation of appeal, cassation or Supervisory appealfrom not less than 14 000.
Preparation of objections on appeal, cassation or Supervisory appealfrom at least 12 000 rubles.
Attorney's requestsfrom not less than 3 000 rubles.
Drafting of contracts and agreementsfrom not less than 5 000 RUB.
Drafting of statutes, regulations and other complex documentsfrom not less than 9 000.
Simple petitions, applications, complaints, and other simple documentsfrom not less than 2 500.
One-time representation in court first or appellate instancefrom at least 12 000 rubles.
One-time representation in the court of the cassation or Supervisory instancefrom not less than 14 000.
A single turnout in the state and other organizationsfrom 10 000 RUB.
A one-time transaction supportfrom 10 000 RUB.
Filing of applications, complaints, objections to the complaint in court.from not less than 5 000 RUB.
Presentation of request, letter or other documentfrom not less than 3 000 RUB.
Mailfrom not less than 1 000 RUB.
Representation of the plaintiff in the court of first instance or appellate courtfrom not less than 25 000 rubles.
Representation of defendant in the court of first instance or appellate courtfrom not less than 20 000 RUB.
Representation of plaintiff or defendant in the court of cassation or Supervisory instancefrom not less than 20 000 RUB.
Transaction supportfrom at least 15 000.
Personal lawyerfrom at least 15 000.
Other legal assistance the day of employmentfrom at least 8 000.

Customers can apply for a lawyer for probate in any convenient way:

  • circulation through the site;
  • a written statement by e-mail;
  • call the telephone number;
  • communication on the site forum;
  • provisional application for selling calls professionals.

A lot of positive experience, satisfaction of all wishes, the decision controversial and difficult situations, grateful feedback from visitors – the result of years of work of estate planning attorney and other employees of the company. Professionals will perform all tasks of a full-fledged, professionally and in a timely manner. The successful result is guaranteed!

Operating procedure

  1. Tell us about your problem. We will call you back, give a free consultation and discuss the details. Tell about the problem
  2. We meet or remotely conclude an agreement with an action plan.
  3. The lawyer is engaged in the work on your case: makes claims, petitions, preparing a lawsuit collects evidence in the case, represents you in court.
  4. We control the execution of court decisions.


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