Who are we?

Lawyer Lyzhin Vladislav Mikhailovich is a member of the Association of Successful Lawyers of Moscow Sachkovsky Bar Associations and partners providing qualified legal assistance citizens, as well as individual entrepreneurs and legal entities.

Our mission is to provide legal assistance in various fields of law. Main stream our work is civil and criminal matters.

affairs resolved in a positive way
cases resolved pre-trial
start of practice
10 years
minimum experience of our specialists

Our principles

We do not undertake 100% losing affairs and do not mislead customers. We do not set a goal to simply get the client’s money, it’s important for us to help the client and get a fee for this.
A complex approach
We consider each problem individually. If necessary we attract specialists with a narrow focus, depending on the case under consideration and its complexity.
Flexible pricing
Prices for our services are formed individually. The customer’s region is taken into account, category of case, its complexity and condition at the time of adoption, the level of judicial involved instances. We are always ready to go forward and discuss unique conditions for everyone.
Professional specialization
For each case, the main lawyer is an employee who It specializes in this area of law and has achieved the greatest successes in this area.
At the first consultation you will receive a detailed plan for solving your problem, and then make a decision: decide everything yourself or entrust to a qualified specialist. You'll get clarity regarding your further actions or inaction.
Vladislav Mikhailovich Lyzhin
Lawyer, registration number 77/11520

Legal experience: 17 years

Education: higher legal

Member of the Moscow Bar

Retired Police Lieutenant Colonel, began serving as an investigator, worked as a detective in recent years, the service led the investigation and operational unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Specialization: complex criminal cases, division of property, land and inheritance disputes

About the lawyer

I am a member of the Moscow Bar. Registered by the General Directorate of the Ministry Justice of the Russian Federation for Moscow in the register of lawyers of Moscow under registration number 77/11520. I have a higher legal education, legal experience since 1999.

I provide qualified legal assistance in accordance with the Federal Law “On Lawyers activities and advocacy in the Russian Federation ”and the“ Code of Professional Ethics of a Lawyer ”, I guarantee my clients full confidentiality and observance of lawyer confidentiality.

I render consultations and render assistance on any legal issue in any branches of law, such as civil, family, housing, criminal, as well as the protection of your interests at the preliminary investigation in a criminal case, in a criminal and civil court.

Having a great judicial practice, I have been providing legal services to many of my clients for many years. ongoing assistance as a family lawyer. Nowadays, many families use the service - family lawyer that saves time and money.

As a civil lawyer and housing disputes lawyer with extensive legal experience, I render, as a real estate lawyer, to citizens on legal support of purchase and sale transactions real estate, as well as conduct legal analysis of real estate documents.

Also, one of the priority areas of my activity is matters related to land disputes. I, as a land lawyer with extensive judicial practice in land matters, provide free legal assistance to citizens, in the form of telephone consultations, and also represent the interests of the principal in court, as a lawyer on land issues, at all stages of the trial.

I consider all the problems of my clients individually. You can contact me at any time by phone and state your problem and we will arrange a meeting with you, in which we will discuss your problem in detail and come to the best option for its resolution.


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  3. To get a more accurate assessment and prospects of your business, you can drive up to us with all original documents to the office at Moscow, Pechatnikov Lane, 12.

    In walking distance from the metro stations Trubnaya, Tsvetnoy Boulevard, Chistye Prudy, Turgenevskaya and Sretensky Boulevard. Parking for customers.