Assistance and consultation of a lawyer in Moscow

  • Legal services and consultations in civil, criminal, administrative and arbitration cases.
  • For individuals and legal entities.
  • Pre-trial dispute resolution and court.
We will offer a solution in 1 hour!
Leave a request and get a free analysis of your problem, taking into account judicial practice. Legal advice will give you clarity of further actions or inaction!

The affairs we work with

We rely on many years of experience and knowledge

  1. We have been working since 1999
    We have gained experience in various fields of law. Lawyers regularly undergo professional retraining. During the activity, relations were established with federal departments and the judiciary, an impeccable reputation in the services market was won. law firms in Moscow and the regions.
  2. A complex approach
    We consider each problem individually. If necessary, we attract third-party specialists who can help in resolving your issue. We strictly respect confidentiality.
  3. Flexible pricing
    Prices for our services are formed individually. The client’s region, business category, its complexity and condition at the time of adoption, the level of the court involved. We are always ready to meet and discuss unique conditions for everyone.
  4. Professional specialization
    For each case, an employee who specializes specifically is appointed as the main lawyer. in this area of law and achieved precisely in this direction the greatest successes.



Operating procedure

  1. Tell us about your problem. We will call you back, give a free consultation and discuss the details. Tell about the problem
  2. We meet or remotely conclude an agreement with an action plan.
  3. The lawyer is engaged in work on your case: makes claims, petitions, prepares a lawsuit, collects evidence in the case, represents you in court.
  4. We control the execution of court decisions.


To get a lawyer's consultation, use one of the methods:

  1. Позвоните нам по телефону +7 903 508-13-22 или в WhatsApp

  2. Leave a request, and our lawyer will call you back within 20 minutes to find out more about your situation and offer a solution.

    Do not delay, learn how to act in your situation right now. It's free.

  3. To get a more accurate assessment and prospects of your business, you can drive up to us with all original documents to the office at Moscow, Pechatnikov Lane, 12.

    In walking distance from the metro stations Trubnaya, Tsvetnoy Boulevard, Chistye Prudy, Turgenevskaya and Sretensky Boulevard. Parking for customers.